There are a lot of possibilities that could cause Microsoft Dynamics AX has
not the performance you expected. Lets talk about them:

Infrastructure: Poor design of the required infrastructure.

Installation: Bad practices during the installation of the database and Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Developments: The performance should be considered when you are designing, developing and maintaining modifications in Microsoft Dynamics AX. Avoiding Wrong use of development methodologies.

Functionality added: Issues with added functionality to the system.


Microsoft has created some tools that could help you doing an optimal analyze, identify the main cause of your issues, and creating a plan to fix them.

Trace Parcer:  Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Trace Parser is a performance analyzer that helps users discover and resolve performance problems in customized Microsoft Dynamics AX systems. Users can track the events and identify performance issues, for example, slow methods and queries.

Performance Monitor: Through the Performance monitor, you can obtain an overview of performance. You can find performance issues from the CPU, Memory also disk.

Performance Analyzer for Microsoft Dynamics
AX (DynamicsPerf):
Microsoft DynamicsPerf collects information from Microsoft Dynamics AX and SQL server, you can find performance issues like slow queries, inefficient codes or business processes.

System Center Operations Manager Monitoring
Pack for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012:
This is a very good tool that can analyze your system, discovering the servers in your environment, monitor server availability, and find violations of setup best practices.

Microsoft Visual Studio Profiling Tools: Through these tools, you can
identify performance issues in source code and compare the performance of possible solutions.

Audit for diagnosed the current situation: If this is your case, the team can perform a Technical Audit to your production environment of Microsoft Dynamics AX in any of its versions and covering the following levels:

  1. Infrastructure
  2. SQL Server database
  3. Microsoft Dynamics AX standard application
  4. Other add-ons of added functionality

Methodology for work on the issues:

Analyze the current situation.

Detect the main problems.

Identify the causes.

Design an integral solution to the problems found at the different levels.

Contact an Expert: For more information contact us at email, our experts will help you define an action plan according to your needs.

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