Globalization has meant that companies must change their management processes and methods in a mandatory way.

This, as a key tool to offer better services to its customers, while printing a more efficient production methodology and, with Microsoft Dynamics, this issue is becoming increasingly possible and easy to use.

For this reason, many consulting companies are dedicated to integrating processes through this system, which focus their objectives on three main lines of work: trade, human resources, and waste management.


Management software:

The first thing is to say that this is one of the most innovative business management software that exists today. One of its most relevant points is that it allows a simple implementation, with easy use and configuration to apply to any environment and, therefore, to any company.

Precisely the configuration is positioned as one of the most recent news of this update, and that is that it gives each company the ease of adjusting to their particular working conditions, thus giving millions of possible versions.

Because it has a perfect integration with the other Microsoft products that are often used in companies, very simple and fast integration of each document is achieved, allowing the content to be shared with other team members or customers, from being the case.


Customer Link:

As this is a software that integrates all resources in the cloud, the ease of contact with customers is maintained practically and simply. In general, you can have the files of the clients ready for any management and make the modifications that are relevant from Outlook, which means that connectivity is facilitated.

It is also noteworthy that this new version of 2018 gives the possibility to digitize all the documents that are necessary for a sales process and be able to make the modifications before issuing and validating invoices, which is an advanced aspect that allows minimizing delays in management.


Quickbooks files:

Much of the financial material of a company is related and saved through Quickbooks files. These give the facility to have all the data that are related to this aspect in a single file that will have the QBW extension and that can only be processed by certain programs.

With these developments applied to Microsoft Dynamics, these files can be processed, integrated and managed, allowing the utility of the program to be further maximized and the ease of having everything well-concentrated within one place.


The future of Microsoft Dynamics:

Although it is quite difficult to foresee what new strategies the developers of this product will use to surprise their users, they have already made advances in a merger that they will perform between Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

This integration process will result in a new, more powerful, efficient and much easier to use scheme that will be known as “Tenerife”, which keeps the users of the software attentive to further enhance their processes and thus achieve agility and good results in the short time.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central:

Dynamics 365 Business Central is designed for companies that are looking for a comprehensive business management solution that is easy to use and adapt, thanks to which you can “connect” multiple disconnected systems into one by simplifying the management and organization of the company.

Until recently, many knew this program like Microsoft Dynamics NAV. However, since 2017 he changed his name and also some elements of his way of working that are worth mentioning.

First, it uses a fairly attractive interface that connects each module in a simple and easy to learn the way, which makes the training work reduced. Within this same aspect, it should be noted that even many tools already known as Word, Excel, and Outlook, are positively integrated, providing security to its users.

For medium and large-scale companies, it represents an aspect of great value, since it allows all processes to be integrated online and to have better control of resources, planning, administration and control that are key to proper functioning.


A comprehensive business management solution:

Dynamics 365 Business Central is ERP, an end-to-end business management system, which helps companies connect their finances, sales, service, and operations to activate business processes, improve customer interactions and make better decisions. Thanks to Dynamics 365 Business central we get a complete vision of the company with connected data, business analysis and guidance provided by Microsoft’s leading intelligent technologies; Start quickly, create your own pace and adapt in real-time with a flexible platform that facilitates the expansion of Business Central based on your business needs changes.

1.- Connect your entire company with just one tool. Leave people, processes, and data together to manage your business from end to end. Integrate your multiple disconnected systems into one.

2.- It offers information to make smarter decisions. A complete vision of the business with connected data, business analysis and guidance provided by Microsoft’s leading intelligent technologies.

3.- Fast implementation and ease of use. Start quickly, grow and adapt in real-time with a flexible platform that facilitates the expansion of the solution based on changing business needs.

With your business running in the AZURE cloud, it is easy to change and move to the growth of your company. We can easily expand the application to meet your unique business needs or specific to our industry.


The Importance of a Good System:

Manual processes have gone down in history. The calculation of payrolls in accounting books and their subsequent transfer to the administration offices to make manual accounts is no longer part of this era.

For this reason, every day the use of tools that automate the work carried out within any company becomes more urgent and essential since, in addition to allowing the efforts to flow better, they are an unbreakable weapon to avoid embezzlement and theft within accounting processes.

If your company has not yet been integrated into this new system, you should not waste any more time, because what is not done today can cost tomorrow very expensive.

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